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Flex Commitment 2021-2022


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Flexible Commitment

Whether it has been virtually or in-person, PSC continues to fulfill its vision of providing deeply personal and rich Jewish connection. In the coming year, so much is changing as we find ourselves navigating a safe re-entry to our sacred physical space, saying goodbye to our beloved Rabbi Helfand and embarking on a new rabbi search. And yet we continue to be grounded in our same warm community with a vision to inspire, influence and help shape each person’s Jewish-life derech, or pathway, through community and tradition. 

PSC funds its vision of passionate engagement with a unique flexible commitment model. Once again, we ask each member household to commit $3,150 for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. In recognition of the uncertain times brought on by the pandemic, we have elected to forgo an increase to the sustaining amount. If you are able to give more or increase last year’s pledge by 10% or more, that would help those in our community who are unable to give at that level this year. Particularly in this year of transition, we are counting on our community as we prioritize supporting our shul under the leadership of Cantor Doron and navigating the next chapter of our journey. 

We appreciate and rely heavily on your generosity. When you make your commitment, you affirm that you (as an individual or a family) consider yourself/selves to be PSC members for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

(Please note that last year's total includes any addtional money pledged towards Kesher) 

Total Commitment

Please confirm the total $ you are committing to for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (flex + Kesher donations.) 

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Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782